After a 2 ½ year strategic branding and repositioning campaign, Levells is delighted that Fidelis have gone onto the next level of growth, by being acquired by React PLC. It all started with an intelligent rebrand.


Intense research into employee habits and their preferred communication channels alongside recommendations to their Senior Management Team and Site Leadership Team, has allowed us to create an identity for an internal and external branding programme.


A new FM company coming into an ever-growing marketplace, must stand out and be seen to be different for all the right reasons. Igloo is now that company.


Once again they’ve helped us create a unique and striking marketing concept that will really standout in today’s market.

BakerHicks Brand Identity

Levells have continued to grow and evolve the BakerHicks brand since its launch in 2017. We have lost the clutter and made all brand communication about clarity of message.


A communication piece demonstrating how to set up your head unit in your Toyota car. Aimed at 21 – 71 year olds using the latest technology in print and digital to demonstrate this.

Lovell New Homes

These guidelines have been produced to ensure a more consistent look and feel across all Lovell imagery, to reflect the Lovell Brand Personality.

Anthony Collins Solicitors

Building on the success of our first brochure, for ACS, Levells have created a ‘push the boundary’ approach for their new ‘brand positioning’ brochure, which focuses on the personality and culture of the practice.


Working as a partnership with the Director of Marketing, Levells are constantly being pushed to create new and powerful ways of producing hi-impact project material, that gets in-front of the industry’s decision makers.


The images were selected to ensure complete flexibility across gender, culture and diversity, and aim to provide retailers with marketing tools that truly reflects their demographic.