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Anthony Collins Solicitors - Brand Positioning

Building on the success of our first brochure, for ACS in 2015, Levells have created a ‘push the boundary’ approach for their new ‘brand positioning’ brochure. Reflecting their mission statement - ‘A clear purpose - to improve lives, communities and society.’

Working with the Marketing Director and Senior Partners, the messaging and visual approach is confident, emotive and thoroughly modern, reflecting the confidence, honesty and energy of the ACS brand. In addition to the brochure, key images and messaging were used as internal wall displays, and a series of adverts created for specialist publications and released over a period of six months.

More modern, confident and ‘real’, the brochure sees the partners recalling cases that have seen an improvement in modern day society. These hard hitting cases, are softened with abstract images that complement. A reveal page has been added, to entice the reader to ‘want more’ information, in what can sometimes be text heavy articles, due to compliance and detail of cases.

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