Brand Evolvement

Working in partnership with the Director of Marketing, Levells are constantly being challenged to keep creating new and powerful ways of producing hi-impact content to excite BakerHicks partners and industry decision makers.

To create short to the point video’s that will be seen by government and industry leaders, to help secure tender bids for BakerHicks and their key partners, is a continuing challenge. Continuing to push comfort zones, with ‘to the point content’. Constantly having to better the last, can prove to be frustrating and demanding on the team. But with a strategic thinking, creative team, Levells always seem to manage to excite.

We have a dedicated team who are constantly at the forefront of researching, what is next and how are client can stay ahead of the game, in a market, where being creative, precise and of the moment, is a race with no finishing line.

"The dedicated leadership team thoroughly understand our challenges and assist us through every stage of development from concept right through to implementation, showing patience, understanding and flexibility."

Clare White, Marketing Director, BakerHicks

Recent Projects

Recent Projects


The images were selected to ensure complete flexibility across gender, culture and diversity, and aim to provide retailers with marketing tools that truly reflects their demographic.

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Levells involvement with Brockway began when the premium carpet manufacturer, wanted to break into the ‘value’ end of the market, with a new carpet offering.

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After a 2 ½ year strategic branding and repositioning campaign, Levells is delighted that Fidelis have gone onto the next level of growth, by being acquired by React PLC. It all started with an intelligent rebrand.

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