Brand Evolvement

Working in partnership with the Director of Marketing, Levells are constantly being challenged to keep creating new and powerful ways of producing hi-impact content to excite BakerHicks partners and industry decision makers.

To create short to the point video’s that will be seen by government and industry leaders, to help secure tender bids for BakerHicks and their key partners, is a continuing challenge. Continuing to push comfort zones, with ‘to the point content’. Constantly having to better the last, can prove to be frustrating and demanding on the team. But with a strategic thinking, creative team, Levells always seem to manage to excite.

We have a dedicated team who are constantly at the forefront of researching, what is next and how are client can stay ahead of the game, in a market, where being creative, precise and of the moment, is a race with no finishing line.

"The dedicated leadership team thoroughly understand our challenges and assist us through every stage of development from concept right through to implementation, showing patience, understanding and flexibility."

Clare White, Marketing Director, BakerHicks

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Related Projects

Anthony Collins Solicitors

Building on the success of our first brochure, for ACS, Levells have created a ‘push the boundary’ approach for their new ‘brand positioning’ brochure, which focuses on the personality and culture of the practice.

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DSSE wanted to differentiate, to demonstrate the serious nature of dealing with waste management. At the same time demonstrating that there is a duty of care to the environment.

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A look back to 1991 – The opening of Symphony Hall

As Birmingham is still very much in the news, we thought it apt to bring out of the archives, a project we were heavily involved with from the start. The branding and communication for Symphony Hall. We partnered at board level to fully understand the vision of this fabulous and leading concert hall.

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