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Working with Deakin and Francis, Levells have just completed the design of the first in a range of bespoke luxury boxes, to show off their product and heighten the purchasers buying journey and experience. Products to be considered are all ranges of cufflinks, accessories, including, decanters and key fobs, and fine jewellery for women, which will focus on rings, neckwear and wristwear.

The boxes will be focused on the buyer and designed accordingly. Mens will carry a main colour of grey, with accents to white and copper, while the ladies will be white, with accents to grey and copper. The colours underpin the brand colourways.

The tactile finish of a soft touch varnish will allude to fabric, while the foam inserts which will be laser cut with the brand, will give the feel of luxury, which reflects the craftsmanship and quality that goes into a Deakin product.

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