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A look book showing the key products of Deakin & Francis that will at a glance show the diversity and quality of what is on offer. To be given out to key retailers such as Harrods, Selfridges, boutiques both here and abroad.

Building on the success of the brand identity change, Levells created striking campaigns, featuring atmospheric lifestyle images that depict the themes and quality of the Deakin and Francis products.

Working closely with our photographer and stylist, the shots are confident, emotive and thoroughly modern, reflecting the confidence and energy of the Deakin and Francis brand. These were then translated into trade and consumer adverts, as well as a series of quick movie snippets to show off the moving cufflinks. Supporting this are targeted social media banners and advertorials in leading men’s publications such as Mr Porter, GQ and the like.

Related Projects

Related Projects


The images were selected to ensure complete flexibility across gender, culture and diversity, and aim to provide retailers with marketing tools that truly reflects their demographic.

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Domino Brochure

Classic and lifestyle pieces combine with a modern woman favourite wardrobe items and are bought to life by the beautiful range of Domino’s jewellery.

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Domino Fashion

Rosabella, a classic collection of diamond wrist wear, neckwear and earrings quite unlike any other. A very much Vogue and editorial influence was needed to reflect the quality of the pieces.

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