Domino – Semi Set Diamond Collection

From the cupolas of Russia to the urban geometry of inner city life, Sienna is Domino’s most inspired collection yet. Around the world inspirations were key to get across to the retailer and consumer, this wonderful collection of unique rings.

One of Levells strongest attributes is that no matter how long or short we have been working with a client, we constantly push the boundaries of being pro-active and innovative.

When given the task of producing the Domino 2016 Sienna brochure, we presented concepts that we knew were a little out of the client’s comfort zone, but for the right reasons. To lead from the front, sometimes the client needs to step back and look at not doing more of the same, but doing something different.

That’s what Domino did and what a success, this brochure has been. As well as giving the sales reps a real boost when presenting and selling the product, the retailers, seeing something new in the market, are pushing the product to consumer, at a high rate.

Good design, well thought through and executed will add revenue to the bottom line.

“I have just had my first proper look at the new Sienna brochure – WOW! For me it is the best brochure we have ever done by some distance, thank you all for your hard work, patience and for delivering the project.”
Andrew Sollitt, Marketing Director

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