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Domino's 2019 Wedding Rings Brochure has never seen such a change in its look. With a focus on improving the customer journey through the ordering and buying process. 

The new collection is supported by a tabbed brochure with improvements including ‘Diamond sets – At a Glance’ – a dedicated page detailing all styles clearly on one page, to make it easier to explain to end consumers. All data tables have been reviewed and simplified, with clear guides on the Domino coding system to aid ordering.

Consideration has also been given to the feature shots used within. A new suite of contemporary photography captures candid imagery of the bride, the groom, the happy couple and wedding party. The images were selected to ensure complete flexibility across gender, culture and diversity, and aim to provide retailers with marketing tools that truly reflects their demographic. Styled images of the manufacturing process are also available for use across all channels, both online and offline. 

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