Rosti – Global website and brand alignment

The new Rosti website reflects their extensive global production footprint, showcasing the seamless connection of all facilities worldwide, to support customers at every stage of their projects. Plus, exploring Rosti’s capabilities and innovations, which will help open up new target markets.

Acting as a centralised hub for all Rosti locations and customers to easily access information, will provide a seamless experience, allowing users to navigate through different countries and regions and find the information they need with just one click.

The project took 14 months to complete, involving internal and external research, ways forward and best practice. Our digital partner, bought everything to life, with their dedicated programmers who understood our vision for the user journey and touch points in creating a user-friendly and informative platform.

By consolidating all global Rosti information, the website will save time and effort for both the company and its customers. This will only help in bringing everyone together in creating ‘A Rosti Way’ community. Furthermore, Rosti’s collaboration with Levells on Linkedin to promote their ‘thought leaders’ demonstrates Rosti’s commitment to stay connected with it’s audience and industry professionals. By sharing valuable insights and expertise, Rosti aims to establish itself as a leader within its field of ‘Plastic Injection Molding’.
Overall, Rosti’s efforts to enhance their connectivity and accessibility through this website project and Linkedin initiatives, showcases their focus on improving customer experience and strengthening their global presence.

Our challenges

No project comes without its challenges and this was no exception. Levells is a true believer of content first as we cannot scope out the scale with our Digital team and plan, without this stage being covered off. So, the first 3 months was looking at what we had in front of us. A US site, a Turkish site, (both acquired by Rosti,) and the original Rosti site. All had to be combed through, to see where best to fit the content and under what, so all information can be accessed easily. Then we could start the user journey and design.
All content was re-written to keep the tone of voice and language as one. At this point, translations could be done.

We also had the curve ball, of fitting in with the new Rosti CRM system which we knew about halfway into the project.

But all the above and a having great team around us, both in Rosti and BlueChilli, saw a result we can all be proud of.

"Levells played a crucial role in helping us overcome the challenges our website was facing. We needed to integrate three different sites into one cohesive brand, which posed difficulties both internally and externally. However, Levells managed to tackle this task with a concise, clear, and supportive approach. The fresh and adaptable design they implemented made it easy for users to navigate our website and ensured a smooth user journey. This allowed us to focus on the important aspects of our brief without getting overwhelmed by the complexity of the project. Considering that we have a very small marketing team, the success of the project would not have been possible without Levells' consultative nature, flexibility, and support. Their ability to work closely with us and understand our needs was essential. Levells' contribution was invaluable in overcoming our website challenges and achieving a successful outcome.."

Sally Warrillow – Global Marketing Manager, Rosti

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