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Mary Stevens Hospice - Educational Infographic

Mary Stevens Hospice came to Levells, to help with educating the public in how their everyday donated items, are distributed to make the most profit for the hospice. At the same time also explain to the audience the value of donating quality items to maximise the benefit for the hospice.

With very strong competition from Cancer Research and The British Heart Foundation, it is important to convey to the region the importance of donating to their local hospice and show them how their donations get used.

“The infographic approach works brilliantly” says Simon Henwood, Managing Director. “Telling the story at a glance, we can use this in our shops, on our website and in public places such as GP Surgery’s without diluting the message. It works at all levels of communication and to all ages. We can even take around the local schools to educate the children. We now look forward to Levells making our brand and website work harder”.

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