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Ramfoam - Brand Repostioning

One of levells key areas, is working with progressive SME’s who want to own and dominate their sector and understand that marketing takes a significant role to achieve this. So how do we help.

RamFoam one of the country’s leading custom foam manufacturer’s identified a need to diversify as well as push to be the leader in their sector. it’s all about ‘Reality v Perception’ Copyright symbol, and making sure the two are the same.

Levells held workshops for many weeks, with key staff and suppliers to make sure that the message and how RamFoam are seen outside their four walls, match and tell the same story. This can only get stronger over time and then becomes the backbone of the company, giving it a solid values, vision and mission statement of which to build all marketing communications upon.

Although having only just finished the re brand, we are well underway with key sales initiatives that will take RamFoam to their next level.

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