During the COVID-19 pandemic, a boutique gym not just survived but thrived by being innovative, having unwavering customer service and resonate branding. Swiftly transitioning to digital platforms during the pandemic allowed it to maintain a robust connection with its community.

As the story unfolded across media channels and local word-of-mouth it expanded twice quadrupling its initial capacity. This start-up’s journey through the turbulence of a global crises demonstrated the importance of brand identity, community and strategy, but most of all a differentiator, which are at the forefront of every successful business.

Working to the goals with a tight plan and offering a premium subscription, with a premium service and premium environment, on very little budget, positioned ReNu away from the everyday named gyms, where clients would come and experience a great journey, both physically and mentally.

Eventually this led to a proposition by a third party and allowed for a sell out all within the first 2 years.

“My career in brand development and marketing started by gaining invaluable insights while working with great brands. Seeing first-hand the power of a well-defined identity and narrative ultimately led me to start my own business. With little resources, the only thing that would set me apart in a saturated market was brand identity and market presence. Strategic brand development were the foundations of my business. A brand aligning marketing strategy allowed me to compete in the premium market and position my product against organisations with huge budgets. Among the stories and strategies of great brands that I’ve worked for, created, and researched. I’m driven to elevate brand narratives and tell their story”.

Tara Harte, Owner, ReNu Dublin

"Tara has done a great job in setting something up, that is quite different to other gyms. Her motivation, drive and passion, just fill the environment with a great vibe."

Sarah Downey – ReNu Client

Recent Projects

Recent Projects


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