Steve Levine & H/K Logic 7

These two famous brands have been partners for many years and continue to push the boundaries with in-car infotainment.

Levells created the packaging for a set of one-off DVD’s for audio specialist harman/kardon, to promote the quality of their hi-end audio system Logic7, within the Range Rover vehicles. Demonstrating the ultimate surround sound of the in-car listening experience.

Teaming up with iconic Grammy-winning producer Steve Levine, tracks were layed down directly from the mixing desk onto DVD, purely as the producer intended. Then given to leading automotive journalists, who could experience first hand, the quality of the sound of the LOGIC7 system within the new Range Rover vehicles.

The designs used finishing processes such as embossing, UV varnishes and foiling to emulate the finishing touches within the Range Rover vehicle, creating the same touch points as when you first sit in the marque. Almost setting the scene as what is to come.

These two famous brands have been partners for many years and continue to push the boundries with in-car infotainment.

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