A look back to 1991 – The opening of Symphony Hall

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As Birmingham is still very much in the news, we thought it apt to bring out of the archives, a project we were heavily involved with from the start. The branding and communication for Symphony Hall. We partnered at board level to fully understand the vision of this fabulous and leading concert hall.

One of our first major clients when we started out, was Symphony Hall. And one of many great Birmingham organisations and pleased to say, we still work for many others today. We established a unique style that could be owned by Symphony Hall and allowed us to experiment and try things, that at the time were quite off the wall, although now are probably a given. Illustration style, photography style, size of programmes and up and coming event leaflets, through to advertising and interior for the ‘Green Room’.
As print was really the only way to communicate, it was great to be part of a team that would allow Levells to really push the boundaries of what could be done to create maximum impact.

""Working with Mark and his team at Levells, has seen Symphony Hall become one of the great attractions for artists, from around the world. The venue speaks volumes of emotion, and Levells captured this in an instant.""

Andrew Jowett, Director

Recent Thoughts

Recent Thoughts

New Client win – Treves Group

Levells have been awarded a branding, new technology and repositioning contract, from French owned Treves, a recognised automotive supplier, a specialist in interior and acoustic environment. An international group, employing more than 4000 people, it has 24 factories across 16 countries.

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The Rise and Rise of Social Media in Birmingham

Levells help many companies with their social media strategies, both in Birmingham and nationwide. It maybe a given that all agencies now do social media, as part of a marketing strategy. But how well are they selling your brand culture and emotionally engaging content? Because that is what people are buying into. Read on to find out how Levells can help boost your social media engagement.

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