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A client whose market place was changing, needed to keep up and lead the region, to keep ahead of its competitors.

Helpdesk came to Levells with the challenge of branding the business with a new name and language, to stay ahead of the ever changing market place.

Although the current climate has made it difficult, Telecom Central has started to see results in uptake and activity leading to a fresh recruitment drive.

Related Projects

Related Projects

Morgan Sindall Group

Using short snippets of dynamic content and supporting projects, interweaved with considered graphics and music, we delivered a film that has been a great success.

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A new FM company coming into an ever-growing marketplace, must stand out and be seen to be different for all the right reasons. Igloo is now that company.

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Anthony Collins Solicitors

Building on the success of our first brochure, for ACS, Levells have created a ‘push the boundary’ approach for their new ‘brand positioning’ brochure, which focuses on the personality and culture of the practice.

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