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Handbook 4

The Handbook

This book has now become a brand in it’s own right, after starting off as a name, to capture the ‘everything you need to know’ about jewellery components. When the first volume was launched in 1994, it was a simple listing of components, an A-Z of product, illustrating the range as a one stop shop aimed at all jewellers within the UK.

Over the years and with many focus groups and research workshops, we uncovered the best way to illustrate product and information. This current book now has over 5500 peices, offering thousands of readily available, product combinations to the industry. Information shows detailed line drawings, cross sections of products to illustrate profiles, illustrations to demonstrate ideas of how to combine products, as well as careful consideration to the typography to demonstrate product information.

All of these elements have come together to create a master book that delivers, that has listened to what the industry needs and responded. Now in it’s twentieth year, this industry leading, award winning publication reaches jewellers all over Europe and is the flagship external communication piece within the Domino group.

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