The launch of a lifestyle brand

The culmination of a lifelong career in brand and culture, and the realisation that, in order to create a modern brand twist to a classic icon, one must first understand the values of both, so they harmonise and look as one.

Mark Levell has launched a lifestyle brand – Cool Italia, which aims to capture lifestyle brands, and fusing with an iconic piece of machinery to create a co-branded fashion masterpiece, that creates an intelligent talking point and stronger brand user connection.

The Italian scooter, is as much admired today, as it was back in the highlight of the sixities, when fashion really took off.

Both Lambretta and Vespa have their unique selling points when it comes to the aesthetics. The beautiful, curvaceous curves, of the early Vespa’s are vey feminine. Indeed, the rear end look was based on the Italian, female form. That voluptuous hour glass figure. The Lambretta took the opposite approach, making the lines sleek and streamlined, to give it that stealth look and feel. A continuous figuration.

But only when peeling away those perfectly formed surfaces, do you then reveal their inner beauty. Making every surface an intriguing blank canvas to work with.

"It’s been quite a journey to launch, something that was a hobby, but turned into a business on the advice and help of one of our clients. To be able to create a work of art, that someone will cherish for a lifetime is quite an emotional experience on handover, for both parties. To work with great clients and a great team, has a feeling of déjá vu about it."

Mark Levell, Co Owner, Cool Italia

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Recent Projects

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