The Menopause Charity

Social Media Campaign

The aim of 'The Big Give' week was to generate donations from the public for £25,000 which would be match funded to £50,000.

We worked with their partner agency, Blue Chilli, to bring the project to life. Working with the CEO of the charity, Levells created a digital strategy and developed a style that Blue Chilli could roll out, across all the required platforms.

Creating a new visual approach and language, Levells showcased the main touch points that attract these customers.

Ultimately, this engagement has created increased enquiries, meetings and more importantly new customer contracts and orders.

The campaign balanced the why for ‘giving’ with evidence based information and personal posts about people’s experiences/journeys whilst using a creating a brand of “one donation twice the impact”. The content of infographics and video stories, demonstrated real life people who had worked with the charity and could #ownyourmenopause.

The campaigns engagement delivered impressive levels of donations and within the 7 days the target was achieved.

"Just wanted to say massive well done by all. We are currently at £23,992 without any donation from any major supporters. This is currently the second largest ever campaign after women’s aid with ‘The Big Give’ Let’s hope we can raise more than Women’s Aid, which will be a real achievement. Thank you."

CEO, The Menopause Charity

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