In Car Entertainment QuickStart Guide

A communication piece demonstrating how to set up your head unit in your Toyota car. Aimed at 21 - 71 year olds using the latest technology in print and digital to demonstrate this.

As we know, designing to a clients audience is key, but when the end user can be from 17 years old to 70 years old, how do we satisfy them all, in one piece of print, that gets across what they need to know, in an way that the generation is used to receiving information.

Traditionally as we all know a younger audience is more likely to want information in a digital format, where as an older generation like to see things in print. So, the challenge was to satisfy their needs by using a technology called ‘Augmented Reality’. This allows the user in a print format to either read the information, or by taking a picture of the page on a smart device which then takes the user to a digital format, in this case a video.

So the quick start guide, is a snapshot of how to set up your Toyota head unit, to access Navigation, Bluetooth, Radio Stations etc. For those who like information digitally, can receive each part of the set up via video. Those who would rather read a step by step guide can do so. This has been so successful in the UK, that the literature has now gone Pan European into 5 languages.

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