Viskin Skinwear – brand building

Our digital partner BlueChilli approached us with an interesting challenge for one of their clients, who wanted to launch a new seamless skin care clothing product, into the North American market, through Amazon US, from nothing but the product itself.

Levells, role was to develop the brand name, brand identity, brand photography styling, brand visual styling and brand language, working with BlueChilli to establish the assets that would be needed, so they could bring all the content provided, to life and produce an Amazon shop that positions Viskin as a leader in their market.

A deep mining process began, with extensive research with the client and BlueChilli, to extract the key differentiators that would stand their product apart from a fairly crowded market, bearing in mind they would be the ‘new boys on the block’.

Extensive market research into the product offering and the Amazon US landscape, supported our recommendations, of being a confident UK manufacturer, been around for ever, know what we are doing approach with a premium offering, from the off.

The brand and assets reflect this. Its primary function will be medical, to help aid recovery from skin conditions. It will be a desirable option to wear compared to the other brands established out there. It combines fashion and lifestyle qualities, as to not draw attention to the fact it is a medical garment.

Once Levells had established the initial research, brand content styling and language, this gave us a great foundation to allow BlueChilli to create an engaging digital side, (from a user’s point of view), that delivers very strong brand assets and underpins the brand persona, and positioning into the market.

We crafted consumer content visuals, that really captured the essence of a seamless product. The first thing was to capture the product through film, so working with their preferred lifestyle photographer and Mark Levell, art-directing, we captured stills and film, that showed off Viskin’s biggest USP. A seamless product. The editing in this process was vital, using strong messaging at key points, as this would set the scene of how the rest of the assets would shape up.

Then following that process, came the graphics, which formed the messaging to feature in the shop container boxes. This had to be unique to Viskin, to differentiate them from the crowd.

Finally, when all the content was in place, allowed us to build the start of an onging and dynamic website, starting with the home page and key assets, the consumer can go to and view, and receive that reassurance of buying into a great British Textile brand.

By being consistently on-brand and keeping the Amazon site agile, positions Viskin as a market leader.

"From the initial stages of brand development, Levells showcased a remarkable ability to grasp our clients company ethos and translate it into a compelling visual narrative. Allowing us to seamlessly transition from conceptualisation to execution, ensuring a cohesive brand image across all platforms. Whether it was the design and development of the website or the integration of the brand on social media and other digital channels, as a collective we demonstrated unwavering attention to detail and a commitment to brand consistency."

Karl Wheeler – Creative Director – BlueChilli

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