Ensuring brand success in a shifting customer landscape

Published on November 21, 2017

It used to be a case that people treasured the big brand names and the access they had to buy them. But today, customers believe it's them that should be treasured by the brand they buy from.

While some big brands are failing, it's the small, gutsy, highly adaptable brands that are thriving. To succeed, businesses need to question how prepared they are to break free from their comfortable past and take on the agile shifting landscape of the business world.

Brands lazily copying their peers is a trend that's ultimately responsible for a decrease in loyalty amongst customers - it creates confusion between brands within the same sector. Rather, it's the brands that dare to stand out and personalise their message by connecting with individuals with their values that are winning.

If the last 50 years was about brand marketing and how brands positioned and presented themselves to people; the next 50 years will be about 'people marketing' - brands essentially having to adapt to customers and their expectations by being hyper personalised and data driven.

The middle is a difficult place to be. Businesses need to be bold, pick a side and stick to it, and shout about it, whatever side you are on. Whether your brand is premium or discount - confidence in brand identity can often yield a loyal following.

To get ahead, businesses need to study who they now are, and who they are targeting and where that audience is. The end goal is always to emotionally connect with consumers through unique and seamless experiences. So in a shifting landscape, there is no single solution - you need to rely on agility and creativity.

Over the years and seeing this shift, Levells has developed a 4 stage process with our clients, that is proven and gets results. 

Talk to mark@levells.co.uk or tony@levells.co.uk about how 'explore', 'define', 'design' and 'activate', can improve your understanding and ownership of your market. 

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