New Markets - Brand Challenges

Published on January 16, 2017

A brand expanding into new markets is always a challenge and if not approached in the right way, can be very expensive.

While every project presents it’s challenges, we always follow a well defined process. We set it down on paper, post it notes. It’s a method that’s tried and tested, and it leads us from deep understanding through to delivering a truly engaging, and effective brand experience. It’s also a continuous one, ensuring that the brands we work with stay ahead in their field.

RamFoam’s continued growth plans, allowed Levells to demonstrate our ‘tools and processes’ - a kind of brand knowledge. Not that we are going to give away any trade secrets, but here is a quick glimpse into our approach. We Discover, Reveal, Anaylise, Assess, Develop Communicate, Activate. The objective is to stay in the lead and to do that we need to tell a continued story in a compelling and relevant way.