Building your brand online

Published on March 05, 2018

The key of building a brand online has to be focused on delivering consistent, engaging messages, which are true to your brand’s values. So, quality over quantity, has to be at the heart of any online activity in order for social media to play a role within a marketing strategy. 

Social media networks - Choosing to use a social media platform that is right for your brand and where your target audience is active, is essential. Simply using a number of platforms under the impression that your message will be seen by large numbers of people is certainly not a sensible use of your time and can have a detrimental impact on how you are perceived.

Concentrating attention on one or two platforms that match both your brand and the audience you are looking to attract, will certainly pay more dividends that using a large number of platforms aimlessly.

Spend time talking to customers to discover where they would like to see you online and where they are most engaged. Don’t be frightened on not using a particular social media platform – it is important you are seen in the right place.

Content - A small number of carefully crafted posts shared on the right platform that deliver a powerful message is certainly the best way to approach social media content.

There is misconception that the more posts the better results – large volumes of content will turn an audience off. In an ideal situation people look forward to seeing your content as it is engaging and provides some value.

A common mistake is to set a minimum number of posts over a period of time. Planning ahead to create meaningful content that communicates brand key messages that have a purpose and engage your audience is far more beneficial.

Audience - Numbers are vanity, quality is sanity when the size of an audience is concerned.There is a perception that the larger audience you have the better – this certainly isn’t the case.

The never-ending addiction to gather as many followers as possible is not the best way of approaching social media. Having a conversation is proof that the content being shared is the right and proof that it is noticed by the right type of audience, in the right place. 

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