Steady growth continues with major project wins

Published on May 17, 2018

Levells is pleased to announce that we have secured a number of major project wins. These projects take us across our spectrum of brand expertise and focus on the communication channels of, touch and feel, look and access, experience and connect. Also pleasing, is that they spam across a number of business sectors.

For the manufacturing sector -  A launch, that will focus on the quality and craftsmanship of the clients product, aimed at B2B and be in the form of print. June 2018.

For the manufacturing sector - An interactive brochure that will push the boundaries of the clients audience, into a new way of thinking and viewing their product and buying experience in a totally new light. August 2018.

For the retail sector - A new website that will focus on B2C, and will have a memorable user journey, that ties in with the heritage and artisan values of the clients brand. September 2018.

For the retail sector - A collection of the client's finest products, that will demonstrate new lines and existing classics, showing off the diversity and creativity of what can be done when you know your brands strengths. In the form of print.

For the professional services sector - Four films that demonstrate the value of client relationships and how important it is to listen to your audience. To be launched at the clients annual conference. May 2018. 

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