Do you stand out in a crowd?

Published on June 27, 2019

Personal Branding - Standing Out in a Crowd

In a world where every purchase we make is driven by a brand identity and our loyalty to that brand product or service, it is more evident that with more and more exposure to social media platforms, we ourselves, as individuals, are becoming brands in our own right. We always have been, it is just more apparent now and out there, with the constant development of technology. We now live in a world of brand culture, which evokes an emotion and buying into that brand creates a belonging. Why do we buy a certain brand of car, or clothing or product in a supermarket. Each product does the same thing. The only difference is the emotion it gives to you when you engage with that brand.

So, how can we emulate the same philosophy and practice, as the brands we engage with everyday, within our own persona, to make us stand out from the crowd, making other people want to engage with us. This applies to all individuals, whether you are speaking to clients, starting a business or a business owner. I feel that an individuals personal brand in a particular community, sector or location can sometimes help them with creating a first impression amongst associates, contacts and potential clients. A personal brand and a reputation of a business/individual are linked.

It's equally important to individuals when going for new roles within an existing business or new positions outside of their environment, and even more vital, for the freshly faced graduate going out into the working world to start their career journey.

When you purchase a product or service, it is a given that the quality and substance of what you are buying into, is there. But where has that trust come from. How do you instinctively know, it is the correct decision. 

It is not just about the wallpaper. Judging a book by it's cover. In other words what you see first. Your CV. Your profile. Your career portfolio. It has to run deeper than that. But we are all do it, it's human nature. It's how we perceive others, based on what we see, what we don't see and what you want to see.

It's no different from when we brand organisations and businesses. There is a perception, a reality and what you as business, think you are. 

In this case, your personal brand is the intellectual, visual and emotional impression people have when they think of you, their summary of you in an unspoken instance. It can be so powerful and impactful. It can sell you, differentiate you, set you apart from others, everything we talk about to clients when we work with them. Your values, what makes you, you.The essence that customers and employees buy into.  Don't ever fake your personal brand, as in this case, it has to be the very best of you. But to succeed as a brand, this has to be accurate, honest and authentic for longevity. This then creates a trust and a story that can then be be told. 

But where do you tell that story. We always take a 360 degree approach with clients, a proven approach that has taken us a good number of years to refine, from positioning a brand to deployment of message, that makes sure that they are seen where their audience is, in a tone and visual their audience can relate to and finally, in a media their audience expect or in some cases, to disrupt a market, don't expect.

So, with that in mind, where you are seen and how you are seen is critical to being noticed for the right reasons, to leave that lasting impression way before you have met those very people you are trying to connect with.

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