Leading from the front - sell the reality

Published on September 19, 2019

At Levells we focus on our clients stories, what they have to tell, what makes them different and why. And it’s their leadership vision and qualities most likely to make others follow. Both from an internal and external perspective. And it isn’t about data, people don’t get too motivated about data and facts.

It’s about storytelling and getting across the emotions that go into a good story, which can lead to people doing all kinds of things. But will it be fictional or reality.

Let’s be brutally honest. We are now living in a world of emotion. It’s everywhere. The continued rise of social media and interactive touchpoints, spewing messaging out into the ether, real, unreal, twisted, exaggerated – the list goes on. 

So, how do you as a business rise above the surge of information. But more importantly, how do we go about mining these values out of our clients to then tell a great story that elevates above it all. The real you. The good the bad and the ugly. 

At levells, we never confuse vision for strategy. The leaders we engage with, are unafraid of detail and data. We never just merely tease with the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ – but illuminate, surprise and excite with the ‘how’.

To find out how this will help you lead from the front, talk to Mark Levell

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