The difference between strategic marketing and marketing

Published on April 04, 2019

Sort of like the difference between a digestive and using that digestive to dunk in your tea - while the former is great on its own, it's nothing when compared to it's use as part of an overall plan that makes the best use possible of all the parts involved.

Strategic marketing is making sure that each one of your marketing efforts, e.g; print, social media and website, aligns with your overall plan for connecting the information you have to provide with the audience that needs to hear it from you to succeed.

Creating an effective strategic marketing campaign within your business, is one that allows everyone in the organisation to understand what your marketing goals are and your plan to accomplishing them.

Your business needs to be a 'winner' not a player within your sector.

One important thing to watch for, which we notice on a frequent basis, is the 'Activity for Activities Sake' marketing approach, which feels good as it is ticking boxes on a marketing to do list.

Although it can feel good for a minute, it is often empty and doesn't produce results. Many companies get sucked into this way of doing things and get an endorphin rush when a blog gets written or they see a post on their company's social media feed.

Remember it is the 'right message' to the 'right audience' through the 'right channel', that will get the results.

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