How strong is your brand now?

Published on July 01, 2020

"Protecting your brand during this uncertain period is key; and companies should not underestimate how they act during this time, may impact their brand from an internal and external perspective."

While companies maybe making the difficult decision to relax brand marketing spend, now isn't the time to be pausing your employer branding.

In order to have a credible brand as we come out of lockdown and the pandemic crisis, companies need to be nurturing this now. This is about more than just communicating the good work you are doing, you need to be looking after your employees, clients and suppliers, so that they too will support this message. Your brand and how people view it, has never been more important than now.

All of your network, are watching closely to see how you as an employer and as a business respond to the situation, ensuring you act with compassion and empathy, regular communication across all of your network about the business and reinforcing your cultural values. Businesses need to ensure that their brand is authentic, both now and for the future. There is a real need to protect the retention of key employees as well as attract the right personnel into the business.

People trust companies whose brand story is authentic and resonates with them at all levels. So for long term success, businesses need to deliver on the promises they make or risk losing staff, clients and suppliers to companies that do.

For businesses that have paused al communication channels, whether internally or externally, there is the possibility they will be left behind the curve, should they need these relationships urgently in the months ahead. 

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