Levells welcome Rosti Group - European Marketing Strategy

Published on October 26, 2020

Rosti Group have approached Levells with the challenge of building their European online brand, so Rosti can be recognised as the first choice of high precision plastic injection moulding.

The task is to work alongside their VP of Sales and Marketing as well as their UK Marketing Manager to consolidate the company in their current market, as well as opening up key selected markets identified by Rosti.

The benefits of this is that the communication strategy will be in-line with their business development strategy and set targets. Activity will be an extension of their current marketing plan to target prospects and decision makers. ‘Thought leaders’ will be created within their area of expertise and responsibility either by geography or sector.

The challenge in the business arena companies face today, is how to communicate in an ever-changing landscape. Levells evoke emotion and action through thought provoking messaging through; speech, writing and image. But how this communication is delivered is key to the business’s success.

One of the marketing processes that has been identified, through the Levells research programme, is Rosti’s Linkedin strategy. This is seen as a key driver to help Rosti break into new sector territories and strengthen existing relationships.

This has led to helping with their corporate and sustainability messaging.

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