The Marketing Shift

Published on April 21, 2020

The Marketing Shift - Emotional Intelligence, Culture and Communication

Adidas: “We over-invested in digital marketing, over-invested in performance  ROI and efficiency rather than effectiveness all at the expense of brand building. We had multiple key agencies , inconsistent measurement and a business set-up that meant its main divisions were competing against each other and creating friction on messaging and creative.”

Today it is not enough to say that you may have the best product or service. That should be a given. So what is it that retains your customers and employees, and at the same time attracts new business and consolidates your market position?

All businesses are very good at telling their audience ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it.

But who actually approaches this, in an engaging and emotional way of ‘why’ they do it. This is most likely to resonate and have an affinity with their audience. The side that makes them authentic and real. Your culture and personality. The bit that makes you attractive to others. In our experience, very few.

At Levells, we are helping those businesses that want to lead from the front, tell their story in this way. Mining out that differentiator and then using Thought Leaders and intelligent 360 degree tools, that can communicate the ‘promise, process and performance’™ of their business, both internally and externally.

Have you considered how all your communication is delivered and received? Whether internal or external. Does it come across in the right way, in the right media and through the right channel. If not, the perception will take over the reality.

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