Celebrating Pride Month and Women in Engineering

Published on July 05, 2021

June was a busy month with client's talking to staff about the importance of Pride Month and being aware of colleagues who may not feel that they have a voice, when wanting to be themselves at work. So we were commissioned to created strong case studies and produced videos which went onto clients intranets, to let those people have a say and make colleagues aware that everyone is equal.

This was also a month to celebrate Women Engineers on an International level and again we were delighted to be involved with putting together strong case studies and bringing to life these amazing people who predominately work in a male industry.

The importance of strong internal communication cannot be underestimated, to show that your business cares and is aware of the struggles and challenges we all face everyday, when at work. A commitment to talk to your most valued asset is a must, as the aim surely must be to hang on to your best colleagues and recruit the next best generation to take your business to new levels.

Pride Graphic