Neglecting creativity, or embracing it

Published on March 09, 2021

When I look back and reflect on a year of disruption for many of us, it's been encouraging to see that many businesses didn't neglect creativity in the wake of COVID. And despite the upheaval caused by the pandemic, many of Levells' clients, have and still are, investing in brand positioning, overhauling visual identities and in many cases looking at how communication is now best delivered both internally as well as externally. The importance of taking a long-term view when it comes to branding, messaging and communication is a given and in the cases of our own clients, refreshing that they have adopted short-term thinking during the current climate.

In some instances over the recent months, the situation has allowed businesses to reconsider their branding and marketing strategies, with the aim of laying foundations for the future. 

More essential though, is that these brands maintain consistency of message and momentum in being visible, in the right areas to be seen by clients and potential clients. The COVID pandemic has highlighted that people have still been able to meet, although remotely and business can still go on. We have been working with our clients on a seamless work approach, which has meant putting in place virtual tours when a customer cannot visit a site for example and adopting a business as usual attitude. This is supported by a materials such as customer journey's and what to expect along that journey. So an even a more detailed story-telling approach than we would normally do. Really getting under the skin of what makes them so different and attractive to partner with.

Equally important is internal communication and messaging. This highlights a totally joined up communications strategy for a remote and dis-joined workforce. CEO's, SMT's and business owners all need to be visible and communicate with clarity, emphasising the culture, involvement, mission and journey of where the brand is going and why, at the same time making employees still feel valued and part of that journey.

It has made Levells think in a different way, but a way that I believe, will make our clients brands stronger as we come out of this crisis.

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