An opportunity to work with Mark Levell, individually, on your marketing challenges

More often than not, it is very difficult for Marketing heads and members of their team, to actually sit down and focus on what is important. This is because a lot of their time is drained, in reactive marketing situations, that happen on a daily basis. Having a non-emotional and external view point can prove very successful in grounding that missing focus and supporting that vision. That's why I'm here to help.

Over the years I have developed a refreshing approach to marketing challenges, whether they be internal or external. Partnering with CEO’s and SMT’s, means that clear and concise actions can be agreed and implemented. An external view point will offer clarity and see things from a non- emotional point of view, that brings with it, logical discussions and direction.

It is becoming more apparent, that some businesses and organisations lack that ‘Marketing Resource’ or fresh set of eyes. As a Birmingham based design consultant, I am being asked more frequently to come into a business and help with their marketing goals and growth. Some already have existing agencies, but just want that expert direction, input, non-emotional, honest and intelligent view point of their marketing vision.

These achievements require a continue evolving of your story, a desire to listen and question, then drive that message to life. Equally the journey has to be honest and fun. There will be moments when we get frustrated together and moments when we laugh together. More importantly the journey has to be engaging and entertaining. This will lead to great results.

Then, we can celebrate together.

An external view point can offer clarity and see things from a non-emotional point of view, being focused on discussions and direction.

Help can also mean supporting your existing marketing team. Where day to day activity can drag them away from your company focus, so vision and goals become diluted or even forgotten. Taking that team into areas of inspiration and fun, will re-invigorate and recharge their creative side. This means the business can always stay on the front foot.

In some cases, I have helped take to market a restructure of a business. Where they want to take next steps, which could mean gearing up for a sale or going into new markets.

The benefits are considerable. One, you’ll get a critical friend who gets results. Also partnering with a pro-active, fresh, unbiased and charismatic individual. To speak to Mark Levell, design consultant in Birmingham call me on 07795181177 or drop a note to just for an exploratory talk. It may be what you’ve been looking for.

"The best and most talented Brand Leader I have ever met and had the pleasure to work with. His talent over many years branding and marketing our businesses to World Class standards has attracted top line talent, clients and created team vision and culture second to none – Thanks Mark."

Lloyd Ansermoz, supporting high integrity leaders and SMEs to develop a pathway to achieve extraordinary results and outcomes

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