How being pro-active has helped secure further brand projects from our valued clients – and some new ones

It can be very easy to get so wrapped up in your day job/projects, that you forget about being pro-active for your own clients. At Levells, this rarely happens. We are always looking at client landscapes, what's being said and where and how they can keep on top of their own story telling. So thanks to BakerHicks, Rosti and new ones to be announced soon.

We are delighted to have been tasked with producing 6 new videos for BakerHicks that will promote and underpin their commitment to client projects, sustainability, employees and brand. The continued development of new ideas and being very much apart of their marketing team, has allowed us to be more strategic with their ‘Director of Marketing’ which has focused on a more intelligent communications output.

This can be said for Rosti, where our social media involvement has gone from strength to strength. We now handle all social media output across Europe and north America. Working with the UK’s Marketing Manager and CEO, allowing time to fully understand their goals and vision, has seen a continued growth. We are also in the last stages of finalising their new website. A project that has taken so far more than 9 months. This is deliberate, as each page and user experience has been discussed at length with all concerned to achieve the best results when launched later this year.

And finally a big hello to 3 new clients. Although we can’t mention you at the moment due to NDA’s, you know who you are so, welcome aboard. You are in great company.

"Levells will always continue to be proactive for our clients. Continually looking for opportunity that keeps them ahead of the pack."

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