Linkedin – The power of a ‘Thought Leader’

Thought leaders can massively help their company grow through credibility of their brand and sales as well as the recruitment and retention of their staff.

How many businesses out there actually use ‘Thought Leaders’ within their organisations to tell an engaging, compelling story around the topics that their audience will actually read and then act upon? It can massively help their company grow through credibility of their brand and sales as well as the recruitment and retention of their staff.

Like with many phrases that businesses jump upon, ‘Thought Leaders’ has become one of those buzzwords that is banded about the industry. This is done without actually knowing what it means and how it can help them across all areas of their business.

Another way of putting it is: are you (the business) and your employees acting as a voice for the industry: the go-to for industry and peer comments, the go-to for the ‘place to work’.

Are you experts and specialists in what you do and if so, do you have employees that talk about it? Who talks to potential clients/customers, future employees, but more importantly the retention of your own staff and customers.

Levells has worked for many years with companies that want to get ahead and own their market, by identifying and developing ‘Thought Leaders’ from within. This has generated improved increases in sales, new markets and employee retention. But how is this done? Here’s a quick snapshot;

Thought Leaders need to start from the top down. So, the CEO may talk about promises to challenges they are addressing, and become recognised as trusted and real, which in turn builds your brand and credibility.

The board/SMT may talk about ‘Process and Performance’, ‘Employees and Skill Sets’ and other important topics. This is said in a definitive, honest and open way, yet has clear boundaries. 

Employees and customers see the company and leadership team as;

  •       People who do what they say
  •       People they understand
  •       People who understand them
  •       People who are easy to deal with


But it doesn’t stop there. It carries on cascading down to every employee in the company who has something of worth to say.

‘Thought Leaders’ will create a community that will engage with customers, employees and potential employees that defines the culture and future of the organisation. This in turn strengthens the brand and identity internally and externally across a broader range of target audiences and outlets.

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