A look back to promoting film and music

Levells take a look back to when DVD was the thing to watch and listen to. We have been very fortunate to have had a great partnership with Harman - the audio and specialist technology company, for well over 30 years, and this has seen us work with the likes of many top brands and personalities including top record producer Steve Levine.

It’s ironic really that more than 20 years on, since producing that DVD which won Harman the Harman/Kardon-Landrover account, we are still creating film and audio communication strategies, albeit the output is very much digital.

For us here at Levells, it shows the connection to an audience is very much an emotive led communication, that resonates with key individuals. The hook that makes your customer/client buy into you. An identity is based very much on brand culture these days, driven by the digital platforms and the way we now communicate in an instant. Everything has become very transparent and it’s very difficult to hide something you’re not. That’s why we always start with defining or revisiting values, vision and mission statements to clarify that, that is what you now are. We move in a much more fluid way and understand there is constant change, so to keep at the forefront we have to keep challenging the status quo.

"Harman worked with Mark and Levells for well over 30 years. We were his first major blue chip client. He helped us open many a new door, and with considered strategy and very creative outputs, saw us win many accounts with car manufacturers, worth ten's of million £'s over the years."

Tony Haberman, VP, UK and ROE, Harman

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