The Rise and Rise of Social Media in Birmingham

Levells help many companies with their social media strategies, both in Birmingham and nationwide.

Here at Levells in Birmingham, we have noticed a massive shift towards digital marketing for our clients.

It may be a given that all agencies now incorporate social media as part of a marketing strategy. But how well are they selling your brand culture and creating emotionally engaging content? Because that is what people are buying into.

Social media has totally changed the way that we use brand language to engage with audiences, as a single message cannot be written and fired off as a one size fits all. It is vital to capture the language of the audience and where they actually sit. It is also important to look at how well are you telling your story and when you do, is it actually emotionally engaging with the audience you are trying to reach?

Keeping engaging and relevant content is key to how your brand is seen and perceived. And equally who says it, how often and to who.

Over the next few weeks, Levells will be discussing the importance of having the right digital marketing strategy to post out to the right social media platforms to allow your ‘thought leaders’ to strengthen your brand presence online.

Recent Thoughts

Recent Thoughts