The Art of Collaboration. The key in driving progress, to reach future goals

Collaboration is quite rarely banded about in our industry, as it means giving away client information that agencies see as an absolute no, no. In reality, we all know that you lose clients through change of personnel, not being proactive enough, but more importantly, dropping the ball when it matters most.

These days, I do not feel we can be everything to everybody, with the pace of change and technology. So, there is nothing wrong with an agency specialising in an area and bringing in other specialists as and when required, either for client project output or even for their own needs. And that is precisely what has happened with levells, on both sides of the fence.

By focusing on branding as levells core discipline, allows us to focus on what matters. Developing a deeper understanding of clients and their space, allowing us to provide strategic marketing proposals that align with market trends, consumer behavior, and emerging marketing channels. At the same time, collaborating with other experts in digital and other areas enables us to offer a more comprehensive and intelligent output to clients without needing to employ full-time staff for each specialised field. This leads to a more cost effective and quicker end result.

I have personally been employed to help other design groups better strength their own companies and marketing position. Often totally unheard of. The same process of understanding their brand and what they stand for, allows an unemotional and unbiased approach to realise their own goals and objectives. It’s certainly not a conflict of interests, or even helping the competition. It’s a trusted collaboration of minds.

Obviously, transparency and honesty are essential in such partnerships, as they foster trust among the parties involved and the clients they serve. As long as everyone involved communicates openly and clearly about their roles and contributions, the overall collaborative effort is seen as successful. It has been for us.

Recent Thoughts

Recent Thoughts

A look back to 1991 – The opening of Symphony Hall

As Birmingham is still very much in the news, we thought it apt to bring out of the archives, a project we were heavily involved with from the start. The branding and communication for Symphony Hall. We partnered at board level to fully understand the vision of this fabulous and leading concert hall.

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New Client win – Treves Group

Levells have been awarded a branding, new technology and repositioning contract, from French owned Treves, a recognised automotive supplier, a specialist in interior and acoustic environment. An international group, employing more than 4000 people, it has 24 factories across 16 countries.

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