The Marketers role – more complicated and stressful than ever?

We pride ourselves on knowing the customer better than they know themselves. The 'voice of the business', the home of 'customer-centric' design, the experts in real insight to real people. A client survey of 85% of CMO's around the world, believe that customer behavior has changed. And this reflects what we have noticed with existing and new clients during the past 18 months and been addressing.

Today’s CMO’s have complex roles, mainly due to the fall out of Covid and all the ways they are now communicating their businesses brand and emotional touch points, to their customers, who are no longer being seen in one place.

Alongside this, they are pulled into areas such as, HR challenges – retention and recruitment of employees. All which need considered communication strategies.

It’s bad enough focusing on short term, let alone long term outcomes. As a result, they want simpler teams and simpler structures, to deal with, and Levells being straight forward and agile have been seeing great results across all areas.

This has taken a lot of the stress off the CMO, being pulled all over the organisation and lets them focus on their day job.

Levells look at the whole board, are part of ‘your resource team’ and don’t just focus on the challenge that CMO’s face at that moment in time.

"Modern creativity, integrating in-depth mining of customers differentiator and culture, transforms brands and businesses. "

Mark Levell, Content Strategist, Levells

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