The unseen potential of Linkedin

In the heart of Birmingham, Levells continued success from partnering and managing our clients BDM’s Linkedin profiles, has constantly proved to be beneficial. This has resulted in excess of 10m worth of additional revenue across the board and from Europe, Asia and North America.

But how is this achieved on such a crowded communication platform?

  • It all starts with your brand and understanding what you are and what you are selling
  • When that is clearly defined, you then need to know who your audience is or think it is
  • At what level do you need to communicate at?
  • That level will determine tone of voice
  • Is there an emotional or cultural touch point (the hook)?
  • How will you come across?
  • Where do you customers live?
  • Which mark or markets do they reside in?
  • Why should they listen to you?
  • Are you a ‘thought leader’ or just a voice amongst many. In other words, just adding to the noise?

And that is before you even start thinking about engaging content. We understand all the above and a lot more that we have uncovered, over many, many years of being brand and communication experts.

“Engaging and emotive communication is to make messaging visible, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing.”

Recent Thoughts

Recent Thoughts