How the use of colour, is equally as important as the narrative. Are you a colour disruptor?

Colour is an essential part of the branding process, that has to be taken further into ongoing brand communication. This underpins identity personality and warmth, expresses emotion, communicates messages as well as holding or navigating a viewers interest, drawing the eye and making elements stand out. When used intelligently with shapes, becomes even more powerful.

There is always a danger of when concentrating so much on content to rise above the noise, we forget how using colour can accelerate your visibility as well. The use of bold, playful colours and unexpected combinations can bring narrative to life, (providing it is not just for the sake of it), and stays true to your brand.

At Levells, we have to be true to the brand but at the same time, be very rational when it comes to picking colours. They have to communicate the design narrative or have a clear function. We don’t let personal preferences get in the way.

To the untrained eye, colour is the first thing to appreciate. Many people when shown a design will say I like the colour. Used intelligently, an appropriate colour palette can be a very effective door opener to a brand. It’s like opening that favourite bag of coffee beans.

Sometimes we have to throw out the colour wheel rule-book. It’s about what feels right for the brand or project in hand, it’s context and meaning. It’s a question of tone and judgement and breaking with convention, and intentionally bring together colours that clash and vibrate. Breaking the traditional rules, is not always a bad thing.

"Levells use effective colour palettes, to affect the audiences' emotions."

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Recent Thoughts

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