What are we if we have no story to tell?

I was watching a film the other night, ‘Wonder’ and at the start, the lead character was recalling her journey and experience and said – “What are we, if we have no story to tell?”

That sentiment underpinned how brands become known and for what. And this is what Levells do for our clients and partners, and do it well. Telling their story and engaging with the right audience and touch-points, makes them stand out, be listened to and get noticed.

It helps with retention and recruitment. Develops a culture and community. And this leads to an emotional attachment and helps with consolidation or growth in existing or expanding markets.

But this cannot be achieved if the brand hasn’t set out and definitive values, which all the above can hang off. These days being authentic is key to a successful brand. With the many ways we all communicate and in an instant, there is no hiding place of what people will think of you. And they will tell you.

These days brands tend to evolve more than reinvent, although since covid you could argue that, may have changed. One of the biggest trends we are experiencing, are clients and their brands, re-looking at whether the vision and values that were set out many years ago, still align to what they are today. Levells have been working closely with CEO’s and their teams to re-visit, explore and research if this is the case and if not, produce findings and a strategic plan of how best to go forward.

Once that is in place and the foundation is solid again, the messaging that then goes out, whether it be external or internal, has more chance of resonating with their audience when judged against that criteria.

But that is only the start, the way that is done is equally as important.

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