The ‘Why’ of Your Brand

So, it’s not enough to be using the latest sales tools or following the latest trends. It’s not enough to be ‘doing content’.

Taking the time to understand your audience, develop your content messaging strategy and consider how you’ll differentiate your brand from the other voices in your market, is only being applied to only 38% of businesses, according to The Times on B2B marketing.

In our current climate of authenticity and transparency people no longer buy what you do or how you do it. It’s why you’re doing it that matters.

The B2B buying process involves a series of ‘value exchanges’. Someone who gets value from the articles on your content hub will consider exchanging their contact details for some gated content. If that content proves valuable, they might be open to spending some of their time talking to you or your sales team. And if those conversations prove valuable, they’ll probably decide to do business with you.

Of course, the B2B sales cycle usually spans many more touchpoints than that. Plus, prospects often won’t move through the buying process in the same linear or predictable fashion. They might go back and read more content after their first sales conversation, for example.

So, it’s not enough to be using the latest sales tools or following the latest trends. It’s not enough to be ‘doing content’.

At Levells, we always challenge our clients to start with the ‘Why’. It’s the only way to develop content solutions that guide your prospects swiftly through the customer journey, as Lloyd Ansermoz of Fidelis Group now explains.

“We engaged Levells over 12 months ago as we had grown frustrated that our brand wasn’t working hard enough. This cascaded through to our website and social media presence and subsequently impacted on our market position and sales. Our brand had to be elevated so we could be more commercially focused.

From our initial discussions, Mark brought ideas and a strategic approach to us, with a young team, who focused on sustainability, which we hadn’t seen before and was a breath of fresh air. Our investment with Levells has helped to refine our brand, own our sector and give us a language and visual styling that filtered through to our website whilst supporting us with a strategic plan with regard to social media that underpinned our message.

We have seen a significant return on investment with a turnover growth of 51% but more importantly, attracting the right type of customer and employee into The Fidelis Group.”

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